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Program Title Delivery Method CPE credits Date Time (ET) Course Number Field(s) of Study Level Presenter
Tax Reform Legislation Part 1 Business Group Internet Based 1 1/4/2018 2:00pm YH1DR-T-00065-18-O Taxes Basic Mike Miranda
Tax Reform Legislation Part 2 Individuals Group Internet Based 1 1/5/2018 2:00pm YH1DR-T-00066-18-O Taxes Basic Kristy Maitre
Tax Reform Legislation Part 2 Individuals Group Internet Based 1 1/9/2018 1:00pm YH1DR-T-00066-18-O Taxes Basic Kristy Maitre
Tax Reform Legislation Part 1 Business Group Internet Based 1 1/11/2018 1:00pm YH1DR-T-00065-18-O Taxes Basic Mike Miranda
Tax Reform Legislation Part 2 Individuals Group Internet Based 1 1/16/2018 2:00pm YH1DR-T-00066-18-O Taxes Basic Kristy Maitre
Tax Reform Legislation Part 1 Business Group Internet Based 1 1/17/2018 2:00pm YH1DR-T-00065-18-O Taxes Basic Mike Miranda
Tax Reform Legislation Part 3 Employer Impact Group Internet Based 1 1/22/2018 2:00pm YH1DR-T-00067-18-O Taxes Basic Kristy Maitre
Tax Reform Legislation Part 1 Business Group Internet Based 1 1/25/2018 1:00pm YH1DR-T-00065-18-O Taxes Basic Mike Miranda
Tax Reform Legislation Part 2 Individuals Group Internet Based 1 1/26/2018 1:00pm YH1DR-T-00066-18-O Taxes Basic Sheldon Clark
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2018 Tax Webinar Topics

Tax Reform Legislation Part 1: Business:  How will business owners be affected by the new tax plan? Will business taxes and personal tax rates increase or decrease for your clients? What happens to their deductions? We will discuss Pass-through income tax rates, tax deductions, stock options, and other factors that will affect your clients tax planning process. CPE Credit: 1   Tax Reform Legislation Part 2: Individual:  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act make sweeping changes to individual income tax for 2018 and beyond. How will the new law impact your client base? We will discuss Individual changes in the tax law and issues you will need to address with your clients in the current year when you meet to prepare the 2017 tax return. CPE Credit: 1   Tax Reform Legislation Part 3: Employers:  How will the new law impact an employer? The Tax Cut and Jobs Act makes significant changes to employee benefits and their taxability.  In addition, certain tax benefits of employers were modified. Finally, with the changes in tax brackets and the many other individual changes, what does an employer need to be aware of to address questions from their employees? Join us as we review the changes and prepare your employers for 2018. If you have clients with employees, this is a must attend event. CPE Credit: 1   “To Be, or Not to Be”: Identity Theft:  As a tax professional, we deal with identity theft in this new era of “electronic data”. The impact is broad and you are the front line of defense in helping your client understand identity theft. Assisting with the filing of a tax return may be the first indication that their identity has been stolen. Journey with us as we define identity theft and explain the IRS processes. CPE Credit: 1   “Welcome to the Matrix”: Cybercrime; The Impact on Federal Taxes and Methods to Protect Your Office: Do you have a plan in place if your business suffers a data breach? What needs to be in your data breach plan? Learn some of the things you can do to protect your client’s personal identifiable information and your business. Be prepared for a cyber disaster, it may only be a click away. CPE Credit: 1   “Diamonds Are Forever”: The New IRS Private Debt Collection Process: The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, signed into law December 4, 2015, requires the IRS to use private collection agencies (PCAs) for the collection of certain past due taxes defined as inactive tax receivables. The IRS has developed guidelines for the program. This session provides an overview of the changes to the Internal Revenue Manual Part 5. Join us to learn about the program and other collection issues. CPE Credit: 1   “You Double-Dipped!”: S Corporation & Reasonable Compensation: What is reasonable compensation and how is it determined? What is the IRS position, the market approach, the most commonly used method favored by the courts, the income approach, and the cost approach – the least used method? What are the forms of compensation and what type of benefits could be considered compensation? This issue is highly audited by the IRS and a review of that audit process will also be discussed. Attendees should have basic knowledge of the S Corporation tax law. CPE Credit: 1  “Reunited and It Feels So Good”: Reconstruction of Records for Tax Compliance:   his course will focus on working with clients who are non-filers or are challenged in the record keeping arena. Learn tips on how to reconstruct records from the source information available, or IRS sources. Some areas where reconstruction of records is important include: state or federal tax audits, tax return preparation, civil or criminal investigations, including supporting claims of embezzlement, theft, elder financial abuse, insurance fraud, contract disputes, and misappropriation of assets, divorce–supporting or refuting claims that accounts and financial data have been altered or income and assets have been hidden, spousal and child support income calculations. Our discussion will center on tax related issues. CPE Credit: 1  “Do the Right Thing”: Ethics for the Tax Professional:  Today, every tax professional faces rapidly expanding ethical responsibilities as courts and governmental agencies challenge the nature of traditional client relationships. With special emphasis on the disciplinary standards, we’ll look at how professional associations and licensing boards are modifying professional standards and how those changes impact tax preparation and tax planning. We’ll examine recent IRS and Congressional proposals to direct the tax professional’s focus toward client compliance and how these proposals are likely to impact tax avoidance planning. CPE Credit: 1  “That’s Entertainment!”: Travel & Entertainment Expenses: Strap on your seat belts take a trip to see what IS and what IS NOT deductible. We will explore travel & transportation deductions, car expenses, and home office expenses. What is a Tax Home? How do you interpret two work locations or temporary and permanent job assignments? We will also discuss primarily business vs. primarily personal, foreign travel, and substantiation requirements. CPE Credit: 1  “You Can’t Take It with You”: Decedent and Estate Tax: This course will present a definition of terms including income in regards to the decedent, filing dates, IRC Section 454 regarding savings bonds, medical deductions, and separating income between the decedent and the estate. Why is it important to work with an attorney? What forms are required for certain income and expenses { 1040, 1041, 706}. Who can file/sign the decedent return if no estate is open? What is the significance of IRC Section 754 Step Up on decedent assets? What happens to the decedents capital losses? Join us for this important webinar on critical issues affecting the decedent. CPE Credit: 1  “I’ll Just Expense It”: Itemized Deductions A-Z: This is a great webinar for beginners and experienced tax professionals. We will provide an overview regarding allowable deductions; such as medical, dental, taxes, mortgage interest & points, charitable contributions, miscellaneous and the critical importance on what records are needed. Come join us for a different approach and learn something new on this long-standing topic. CPE Credit: 1  “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”: Divorce and its Various Tax Implications: What happens when your clients divorce? What is the relevance of the tax professional assisting clients through this difficult time? We will discuss filing status, name change, joint & separate responsibility & liability, dependents and associated tax credits, retirement plans, alimony, child support, property settlements, allocating estimated payments, NOLs, and Capital Loss carryovers. CPE Credit: 1  “The Proof is in the Pudding”: IRS Penalty Abatement – Reasonable Cause: This course presents numerous topics within the subject of Reasonable Cause. We will demonstrate how to navigate a first-time Abatement Program, using Form 843, Rev Procedure 84-35 (Partnership Returns), Written & Oral Advice from the IRS, advice from a tax professional or attorney, ordinary business care, lost or destroyed records, code, regulations, Internal Revenue Manual, and case law to support your reasonable cause position. Come join us for this indispensable webinar to assist your clients in their time of need. CPE Credit: 1  “Yakety Yak”: Values-Based Financial Planning; Meaningful Conversations with Your Clients: As a trusted advisor to our clients we are relied upon to facilitate planning discussions. Technical income tax and estate planning strategies can be help solve problems, however can prove confusing to clients. The first step in helping our clients plan for the future, requires that we understand who and what is most important to them. Learning to ask our clients good questions is how we will discover our client’s values and convictions. Whether the client is worried about transferring wealth or the family business we need to be inquisitive. Once we better understand our clients and their unique situations, we are more equipped to help them plan. Join us to learn how to have valuable discussions with your clients. CPE Credit: 1  “This Land is Your Land”: Depreciation – Cost Segregation: This course will focus on pro-taxpayer provisions in the tax law allowing us to shorten depreciable lives. Learn about opportunities presented in IRS pronouncements and case law. Unearth benefits provided in the capitalization and repair regulations effective in 2014. Understand the benefits of cost segregation studies and how to apply basic cost segregation study concepts. Identify situations that will require a cost segregation study consultant. We will review how to fix depreciation errors from prior years and catch up missed depreciation deductions in the current year. The depreciation rules are full of opportunity. Be more prepared to help your client take full advantage of these rules and accelerate deductions. CPE Credit: 1  “Risky Business”: Employment Taxes for Household Employees: The notorious “Nanny Tax” will be discussed in this one hour session. Who are Household Employees? We will delve into examples of household workers and what taxes {Social Security & Medicare, Federal Withholding, Federal Unemployment, State Unemployment} are associated with the household employee. Are there fringe benefits associated with this worker? What Forms must be filed? Sign up for this fast-paced informative webinar on this critical topic affecting more and more of our clients. CPE Credit: 1  “Filing a Joint Return”: Marijuana & Tax Implications: One area of ethical concern for tax professionals is the emerging Marijuana business, whether medical or recreational in nature. Being a Schedule 1 controlled substance as classified by the federal government, assisting a taxpayer opens the tax professional to several conflicts. For a marijuana business, the limitation of §280E determines which business expenditures are included in the COGS and thus determines the net income reported on the tax return. It becomes increasingly important to identify what is considered the COGS and the direct expenses of that category. Join us for to learn more about this hot topic. CPE Credit: 1  

Our Presenters

Larry Johnson, CPA

Larry, former tax manager in a “Top 100” CPA firm, currently provides professional services for a non-profit organization. His extensive experience includes tax preparation, tax planning, IRS representation, and estate planning for clients who range from the modest to the very wealthy and who have been involved in all sorts of businesses including manufacturing, farming, and services. Larry, who holds a Master of Science in Taxation, speaks regularly about taxes to a variety of audiences. His relaxed, “let’s talk about it” approach is perfect for presenting the tax topics and updates we cover at our Basics & Beyond, Inc. income tax seminars.

Sheldon Clark, CPA, CIA

Sheldon Clark is a certified public accountant and certified internal auditor. He began his career with one of the large international CPA firms and then moved on to a regional CPA firm. Following that, Sheldon worked in industry for a few years prior to starting his own CPA firm in 1975. Sheldon’s experience also includes many years of collegiate teaching. A frequent national and local speaker on taxation, accounting, auditing, practice management, and various other topics, Sheldon brings attendees his warm sense of humor and a special love for helping tax professionals navigate through the maze of law, cases, and regulations we face every day.

Kristy Maitre, EA

Currently a tax specialist at Iowa State University ‘s Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation, Kristy brings a unique combination of experience and perspective to our speaker corps. Her twenty-seven years of experience at the IRS, including twelve years as the IRS’s Iowa tax practitioner “go to” person and seven years as an IRS Revenue Agent, give us an experienced speaker who really knows how to handle the IRS bureaucracy. During Kristy’s many presentations to tax practitioners, she regularly demonstrates her special ability to show practitioners how to minimize client tax liability and avoid practitioner compliance problems with the IRS. You’ll enjoy Kristy’s seminar presentation style, she really knows how to explain tax law.

Allan J. “A.J.” Reynolds, EA

A.J. is an enrolled agent (EA). He has immense experience in various areas of taxation, which encompasses over 28 years. His practice centers on Individual, Business and Estate Tax preparation. In addition, A.J. specializes in IRS Audits, Appeals, Collections, Innocent Spouse, Independent Contractor vs. Employee Issues and Civil Tax Fraud Representations. His clientele ranges from the average worker to fortune 500 executives. A.J. brings his everyday “in the trenches” experience to the seminars to assist attendees with real issues facing tax professionals. A.J. also speaks for Iowa State’s Center for Agricultural Law & Taxation Annual Federal Income Tax Schools. He is a member of the National Association and Iowa Society of Enrolled Agents and a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals. A.J. started his tax career with a National CPA firm in San Diego, CA after proudly serving five years in the United States Navy. Outside his tax practice, he is a member of the Diocese of Sioux City Priests’ Pension & Welfare Board and the Investment Advisory Board for the Diocese. When not working, his time is spent in various activities with his wife and their two children.

Michael R. Miranda, CPA, QKA, AEP

Michael is a Senior Manager with Williams & Company CPA PC headquartered in Sioux City, Iowa. He currently resides in the Firm’s Sioux Falls, South Dakota office. He joined the firm in July 1989, with over 13 years previous experience as a Tax Specialist in public accounting. Michael provides tax consulting, estate planning and employee benefit services. The tax areas include corporate, individual, partnership, estate and gift, and tax accounting. The employee benefit areas include employee benefit planning and consultation services for qualified and non-qualified plan and welfare benefit plans. Prior to joining Williams & Company, he was on staff as a Tax Specialist with Price Waterhouse in offices at South Bend and Minneapolis, providing tax and estate planning for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. Professional affiliations include membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the South Dakota Society of Certified Public Accountants, and the American Society of Pension Professional Actuaries (ASPPA). In December 2007 he received the ASPPA QKA designation. Michael is also a member of the National Association of Estate Planning Councils (receiving the Accredited Estate Planning (AEP) designation in October 2014). He is currently the Treasurer and Liaison Board member for the Sioux Falls Estate Planning Councils. He currently holds CPA licenses in the states of Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota.

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