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Sale of Business Assets: What You Need to Know About Form 4797

 June 29th, 2018    
tax update

How to Navigate IRS Form 4797 and the Sale of Business Assets Whether you’re an enrolled agent, a CPA, or a dedicated tax preparer, there’s one thing that holds true come tax time: preparing a client’s tax returns is rarely simple. Depending on the client, there may or may not …

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2018 Decedent and Estate Tax Updates

 June 15th, 2018    
tax reform 2018

Decedents and the Estate Tax: Updates Following 2018 Tax Reform Working as an accountant, tax preparer, enrolled agent, or tax attorney can be both rewarding and challenging. And sometimes, the challenges that the work presents might surprise you. When you think of a difficult task in the accounting world, you …

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What is Hobby Loss?

 May 25th, 2018    
tax webinar

Hobby Loss CPE Webinars: Understanding IRC 183  We all have hobbies. They’re an important part of maintaining a health work-life balance, after all. Some people play chess, others go mountain biking, and some people play music as part of a weekly Saturday night open mic. There are literally millions of hobbies …

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Tax Reform: What Does It Mean for Employers?

 May 11th, 2018    
tax reform webinars

Last December, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. A few days later, President Donald Trump signed it into law. The sweeping tax reform that’s come as a result will have a dramatic impact on federal tax filers across a wide spectrum of income levels, types of employment, and …

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An Introduction to the Tax Implications of Marijuana

 April 27th, 2018    
tax webinars

As a tax professional, you probably work with a wide range of clients. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an accountant specializing in taxes, an enrolled agent, a certified tax preparer, a tax attorney, or any other professional covered under circular 230. Regardless, your clients probably come in all shapes and …

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