Previously Recorded Content

Program TitleDelivery MethodCPE creditsRecorded DateCourse NumberField(s) of StudyLevelPresenter
Form 3115 and the 20% 199A deduction  Part 1Previously Recorded Webinar01/8/2019YH1DR-T-00071-18-OTaxesBasicKristy Maitre
Form 3115 and the 20% 199A deduction  Part 2Previously Recorded Webinar01/9/2019YH1DR-U-00090-19-OTaxesBasicMichael Miranda
Form 3115 and the 20% 199A deduction  Part 3Previously Recorded Webinar01/10/2019YH1DR-U-00091-19-OTaxesBasicMichael Miranda
Form 3115 and the 20% 199A deduction  Part 4Previously Recorded Webinar01/24/2019YH1DR-U-00096-19-OTaxesBasicMichael Miranda
IRS Penalty Abatement – Reasonable CausePreviously Recorded Webinar012/18/2018YH1DR-T-00058-17-OTaxesBasicAJ Reynolds
Retirement Plans Part 1: PlanningPreviously Recorded Webinar010/24/2018YH1DR-T-00080-18-OTaxesBasicMichael Miranda
Retirement Plans Part 2: DistributionsPreviously Recorded Webinar010/25/2018YH1DR-T-00081-18-OTaxesBasicMichael Miranda
Installment Agreements and Offer in Compromise Previously Recorded Webinar012/6/2018YH1DR-T-00070-18-OTaxesBasicMichael Miranda
Reconstruction of Records for Tax Compliance & Non-FilersPreviously Recorded Webinar02/13/2019YH1DR-T-00092-19-OTaxesBasicKristy Maitre
Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN), E-Services, PTIN’s and MorePreviously Recorded Webinar02/21/2019YH1DR-T-00093-19-OTaxesBasicKristy Maitre
Determination of UBIA of Qualified PropertyPreviously Recorded Webinar06/11/2019YH1DR-T-00097-19-OTaxesBasicKristy Maitre
Definition of SSTBPreviously Recorded Webinar06/13/2019YH1DR-T-00098-19-OTaxesBasicKristy Maitre
W-2 wages for purposes of QBIPreviously Recorded Webinar06/18/2019YH1DR-T-00099-19-OTaxesBasicKristy Maitre
Gift Tax – Basic Compliance IssuesPreviously Recorded Webinar06/25/2019YH1DR-T-00124-19-OTaxesBasicMichael Miranda
Trust & Estates: Part 1Previously Recorded Webinar06/27/2019YH1DR-T-00125-19-OTaxesBasicMichael Miranda
QBI Basic Calculation – Under the Thresholds – and ExamplesPreviously Recorded Webinar07/9/2019YH1DR-T-00100-19-OTaxesBasicKristy Maitre
Schedule C – Select Expenses and Record-KeepingPreviously Recorded Webinar07/11/2019YH1DR-T-00104-19-OTaxesBasicKristy Maitre
Schedule C – Expenses and Audit Issues – Common Audited IssuesPreviously Recorded Webinar07/16/2019YH1DR-T-00105-19-OTaxesBasicKristy Maitre
Schedule F – Farm Income and Schedule FPreviously Recorded Webinar07/18/2019YH1DR-T-00106-19-OTaxesBasicKristy Maitre
Trust & Estates: Part 2Previously Recorded Webinar07/25/2019YH1DR-T-00126-19-OTaxesBasicKristy Maitre


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