SECURE 1.0 and 2.0 Acts

Summarize the highlights of the SECURE Acts, both 1.0 and 2.0. Review the current legislative guidance available for certain key provisions of both ACTS. Reviewed the tax rules changes that eliminated the stretch IRA. Evalute Roth conversion strategies for clients. Revisit the tax planning strategy for adopting a retirement plan after the close of a […]

Form 1099-K Payment Card & 3rd Party Network Transactions

Navigate the intricacies of Form 1099-K and unravel the complexities surrounding payment card and third-party network transactions in our specialized webinar for tax professionals. Gain comprehensive insights into reporting requirements, thresholds, and compliance nuances to ensure accurate and efficient handling of these transactions. Join us to sharpen your skills in Form 1099-K preparation, empowering you […]

Filing DSUE & Form 706

Elevate your expertise in estate tax planning with our specialized webinar for tax professionals, focusing on the intricacies of Filing DSUE (Deceased Spousal Unused Exclusion) and Form 706. Gain essential insights into maximizing the benefits of the portability election, understand the nuances of Form 706 preparation, and ensure comprehensive compliance with estate tax regulations. Join […]

Understanding LLCs and Entity Classifications

Unravel the complexities of LLCs and entity classifications in our specialized webinar crafted for tax professionals. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the tax implications associated with different entity structures, with a particular focus on Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). We’ll guide you through the nuances of entity classifications, shedding light on the optimal strategies for tax […]

Tax Impact on Charitable Gift Planning

Delve into the strategic landscape of charitable gift planning in our exclusive webinar tailored for tax professionals. Explore the nuanced tax implications associated with philanthropic endeavors, learn effective strategies for maximizing deductions, and gain insights into optimizing charitable contributions within the ever-evolving tax framework. Join us to enhance your expertise, enabling you to provide clients […]

Ethics: Part 3

Explore how our profession has changed with more responsibility heaped on the tax professionals. Select sections of Circular 230 will be discussed as well as areas of the law that are complex and require heighten Due Diligence. Case studies will demonstrate our responsibilities and class participation and discussion on where we were and how we […]

Ethics: Part 4

What are our rights as tax professionals in the Office of Professional Responsibilities disciplinary process?