Anatomy of a Civil Tax Controversy

There is a certain rhythm to the audit process, and it’s a very scary beat. In this presentation, I’lldiscuss the steps that most examinations begin and end with. We’ll discuss eggshell audits, thoseaudits where unbeknownst to the IRS at the start of the examination, the taxpayer has majorcriminal problems and what you can do to […]

Wealth Transfer Tax Strategies

Join our comprehensive webinar designed exclusively for tax professionals to explore cutting-edge wealth transfer tax strategies. Gain insights into the latest techniques for optimizing estate and gift tax planning, navigate the complexities of intergenerational wealth transfer, and stay ahead of evolving regulatory landscapes. Equip yourself with advanced knowledge to provide strategic advice and assist clients […]

Ethics: Part 1

Explore the slippery slope of navigating Due Diligence as we address the Employee Retention Credit and our responsibilities. As we prepare for potential audits of the issue we will touch on the Office of Professional Responsibility’s guidance.

Ethics: Part 2

Can you read a return? Using our Due Diligence knowledge we will look at the review process when pursuing our returns. Can you spot the problems and fix the return before e-file transmission. This will be an interactive class so be prepared to participate.

Overview of Form 1040

Join our exclusive 2-hour webinar tailored for tax professionals, where we demystify the intricacies of Form 1040—the cornerstone of individual income tax returns. Delve into the latest updates, essential schedules, and nuanced considerations to ensure accuracy and compliance with the ever-evolving tax code. Equip yourself with the knowledge to expertly navigate Form 1040, streamline your […]

The Basics of LLC’s

Taxpayers love forming limited liability companies (LLCs), but rarely do they understand the tax impact. The IRS does not recognize LLCs as a tax filing entity, consequently, taxpayers forming LLCs will need to select the entity classification they want to use for tax reporting.