Trusts and Estates – Part 2

Join Michael as he builds on the previous webinar regarding trust and estate matters. The session will focus on managing tax obligations of trusts and estates, and how these obligations affect beneficiaries. He will also discuss important estate tax planning strategies and recent IRS guidance that may impact certain types of existing trusts. Lastly, review […]

SECURE 1.0 and 2.0 Acts

SECURE 1.0 and 2.0 Acts – Where are we at with all of this retirement plan legislation? Review current DOL and IRS guidance, including the various provisions in SECURE 2.0 and the latest IRS guidance related to such provisions including the IRC §529 ROTH rollover, the Rothification of employee and employer contributions to SEPs and […]

S Corp Basis (Form 7203) and Partnership Basis

As a tax professional, it’s imperative to know basis rules and calculations for our clients that are shareholders and or partners in Pass-through entities. Furthermore, we must analyze how basis rules affect their individual Form 1040 tax return. This session will provide a valuable and essential overview for Partnership and S Corporation basis issues

Demystifying the FBAR

This course breaks the FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report) down into its individual components and covers each in exquisite detail. Uncover the intricacies of FBAR compliance, discover best practices for reporting foreign financial accounts, and stay ahead of regulatory changes. Join us for expert insights that will equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary […]

Ethics: Part 3

Explore how our profession has changed with more responsibility heaped on the tax professionals. Select sections of Circular 230 will be discussed as well as areas of the law that are complex and require heighten Due Diligence. Case studies will demonstrate our responsibilities and class participation and discussion on where we were and how we […]

Ethics: Part 4

What are our rights as tax professionals in the Office of Professional Responsibilities disciplinary process?

Understanding Financial Statements for Schedule C’s, S Corps & Partnerships

Join our specialized webinar designed for tax professionals to master the interpretation and analysis of financial statements for Schedule C’s, S Corporations, and Partnerships. Gain practical insights into dissecting these financial documents, understanding key indicators, and optimizing tax strategies for diverse business structures. Elevate your proficiency in financial statement analysis, enabling you to provide strategic […]

Various Form 1099s

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of Various Form 1099s in our exclusive webinar tailored for tax professionals. Navigate the intricate landscape of different 1099 forms, delve into reporting requirements, and gain practical insights into compliance nuances, ensuring you are well-equipped to handle diverse income sources for your clients. Join us to enhance your proficiency in […]

Quarterly Tax Update 2024: Part 3

Our final update of the year – Tax Season has ended but still much to do as we review guidance issued, year end issues to address and other key updates announced.