Trusts and Estates – Part 1

Join Michael in the first of two webiners as we strengthen your knowledge of strategic estate planning. With TCJA sunset provisions possibly in play we as professionals need to be ready to advise our clients on key provision that may significantly impact their financial and estate well being. We will review types of trusts, trustee […]

Tax Implications of the Gig Economy

Join our exclusive webinar for tax professionals as we dissect the intricate tax implications of the Gig Economy. Explore the unique challenges and opportunities presented by gig workers, delve into tax reporting requirements, and gain insights into optimizing tax strategies for both individuals and businesses operating in this dynamic sector. Stay ahead of the curve […]

Hobby Loss

Can you distinguish between an Active Trade or Business and a Hobby? This is a subject that is gaining popularity in the tax community as we see an increase in litigation related to hobby loss. How might hobby loss rules apply to non-hobby activities and rental activity? What are some of the practical consequences? We will discuss the […]

Overview of Form 1040

Join our exclusive 2-hour webinar tailored for tax professionals, where we demystify the intricacies of Form 1040—the cornerstone of individual income tax returns. Delve into the latest updates, essential schedules, and nuanced considerations to ensure accuracy and compliance with the ever-evolving tax code. Equip yourself with the knowledge to expertly navigate Form 1040, streamline your […]

Gift Tax Reporting on Form 709

Delve into the intricacies of gift tax reporting with our exclusive webinar tailored for tax professionals. Explore the nuances of Form 709, gain insights into effective gift tax planning strategies, and navigate the complexities of reporting gifts to ensure compliance with tax regulations. Join us to sharpen your expertise, empowering you to guide your clients […]

The Fifth Amendment & Offshore Audits

The Fifth Amendment is normally associated with criminal proceedings andthe prohibition against self-incriminating testimony. However, the Fifth Amendment is a littlebroader than that. Its protections also apply in some pseudo-criminal matters, such as contemptof Congress. More importantly for tax law purposes, there is a documentary production privilege,and there is a trio of cases that flesh […]

Employee vs Independent Contractor

Dive into the nuanced distinction between employees and independent contractors in our specialized webinar for tax professionals. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the criteria that define these classifications, navigate the associated tax implications, and learn strategic approaches for advising clients on proper worker categorization to ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Ethics: Part 1

Explore the slippery slope of navigating Due Diligence as we address the Employee Retention Credit and our responsibilities. As we prepare for potential audits of the issue we will touch on the Office of Professional Responsibility’s guidance.

Ethics: Part 2

Can you read a return? Using our Due Diligence knowledge we will look at the review process when pursuing our returns. Can you spot the problems and fix the return before e-file transmission. This will be an interactive class so be prepared to participate.