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Basics & Beyond Tax Blast-August 2019

 July 29th, 2019    

Congratulations to AJ Reynolds for being selected to speak at the National Association of Tax Professionals in Chicago last month! August 2019 Issues Issue 1: Tax Security 2.0 “Taxes. Security. Together.” Checklist Leaders from the IRS, state tax agencies and the tax industry today called on tax professionals nationwide to …

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2019 Basics & Beyond Tax Blast- July 2019

 July 15th, 2019    
cpe hours

July 2019 Issues Issue 1: Tax Court Approves IRS Denial of Installment Plan Request IRS has made great strides in the installment agreements arena with both individuals and business entities.  The criteria has been modified, numerous times, and is much less strict then several years ago, but in entering an …

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Basics & Beyond TAX Flash June 2019

 June 4th, 2019    

Guidance has slowed down considerably over the last few weeks. We are still expecting additional guidance on QBI and its effect on cooperatives, and IRS announced future proposed regulations to clarify certain aspects of the centralized partnership audit regime. The IRS released the Data Book for 2018 showing range of …

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Basics & Beyond TAX Flash May 2019

 May 4th, 2019    
Tax Season

After working for the IRS for 27 years, we would all prepare for the three seasons; tax season, notice season and education season. Audits happen all year long and most of IRS education takes place, when there is a budget, throughout the year. As for us the tax professional, most …

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Basics & Beyond TAX Flash April 2019

 April 1st, 2019    
April 2019 Tax Newsletter

Key Issues for Practitioners We are now knee deep in the middle of tax season. As of this writing, we are unsure how fast refunds are being issued and how far behind IRS is with correspondence. Many requests came in to discuss some key issues related to the Qualified Business …

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